Video is the newest form of communication in our fast moving age of media, they have been around a long time but never as powerful as it is today. Visual communication, video, brings all of the sensory elements to bare on a subject in a way that is more impactful on the senses and installs itself into our memory in a more lasting way. Fishing videos and videos about fly tying have come a long way since the early days of the pure tutorial and boring elevator music.

Here is a new video with Capt. Vaughn Cochran, Capt. Clint Kemp (manager of Blackfly Lodge) and Capt. Mark Melnyk (host of the TV program "Guided") talking about bonefish flies. Be a fly on the wall and listen to three of the best bonefishermen out there discuss the pros and cons of bonefish flies that get the job done at the Blackfly Lodge in Abaco, Bahamas.

"Bonefish Flies, Blackfly Lodge"

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